Blackpool Convention 2013 Part III – Sunday

Welcome back to part III of my Blackpool 2013 report!

Originally I wanted to take part in The Master Class which was scheduled at 10:30am. But as I enjoyed great company at breakfast I didn’t make it on time. The idea of it was that each magic star had 12 minutes to teach the audience a trick.

Blackpool Convention 2013 Part II – Saturday

Welcome back to the second part of my Blackpool Review 2013.

Saturday started with a great English breakfast. If British cuisine ever added something to the world of food then its original English breakfast. I was happy to find out that besides me three other magicians stayed at the same bed & breakfast. I made friends with Steven Greenwood and his girlfriend Lora. Lora is something most of us ever dream of: A women that really loves magic and enjoyed magic conventions! Steven, I envy you ;-) .

Blackpool Convention 2013 Part I – Friday

After two years of magical abstinence Blackpool was a sort of test for me if I still feel to be part of the magic community. Fortunately I think I am.

Blackpool is an old sea bath from the end of the 19th century that has its best days already seen. BUT for me this makes most of its charm. Especially the Winter Garden Complex is a place you won’t find at any other place of the world. There you actually can experience still some of the atmosphere of the golden age of magic. You always expect to see the ghosts of Devant or Cardini just round the corner. I’m always thankful that this convention is not held in one of the uniform modern congress centers you can find in any bigger town.


When scanning my favorite magic web sites, I saw, that Wayne Dobson has published a new DVD set. Actually it’s no that new, but I had not heard about it so far.

I’m a big fan of Wayne, since watching his great TV Stuff DVD series. Actually seeing him gave me back my enthusiasm for magic at that time. Unfortunately the TV Stuff Series is no longer available, but luckily a lot of their video clips are now on YouTube (At the end of this post I have added some of my favourite videos).


In general I’m always sceptical if someone releases a second release on a existing trick. The question is always does it make sense to buy the new version if you already have to original one. In case of NEWSFLASH 2.0, the answer is, it depends ;-)

Most beautyful trick teaser I have seen for quite a while.

Just by chance I stumbled today over this beautyful teaser for Jeff McBrides Butterfly Blizzard…

Blackpool Convention 2010 – Part III

O.k, now it almost month ago, but I want do complete my Blackpool report.
The dealer’s room
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Blackpool Convention 2010 – Part II

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Casting a ritual dagger

While working on Eugene Burger’s pretty routine “The Burned Card” I was not really happy with the force that he proposed, as in my view it did not fit well in a Voodoo based theme. After reading the book  Roy Benson by Starlight I decided to use the  Benson Knife Force but I wanted to [...]

Used Magic Items on my blog

I just added a new page to the top menu of my blog “Used Magic Items” there I offer some magic items that I no longer need.
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