On trick Exposure

I know, that his topic is discussed very controversial in the web. Here is my point of view which is also the politic of my blog:

I don’t think that exposure really hurt our art and these are my reasons for it:

  1. How many people of our audience take really the effort to find a solution for a trick we showed them, provided they are able to search for the right terms on google. I think almost nobody does this really.
  2. People forget fast. Haven’t you made the experience yourself that you explained a friend some trick and a month later he was stunned again when you showed it to him?
    This might not be correct for all secret methods we use, but for a lot of them. E.g. the Thumb Tip is known by a lot of people, but if you handle it right even magicians can be badly fooled. I recommend the Thump tip DVD from Alexander de Cova on this topic.
  3. Most trick descriptions  are not trivial to understand, at least not if you don’t have certain background knowledge. Already the use of some technical term like under spread control or magician’s choice will make it hard for a non magician to understand what this all is about.
  4. Illusions are the most endangered branch of our art as there often a little sketch of the big box is enough to understand how it is working. All other branches are much less vulnerable.
  5. Craig Browning made good point in a discussion on talkmagic in saying that the exposure of inferior methods actually strengthens the presentation of improved methods of the same trick. Also it encourages inventors to work on new and better ideas.
  6. People are lazy. If someone really shoulders to dig deep into a magic trick and manages to read and understand the secret that I have no problem with it cause he must have much more interest in the topic than someone just looking for a fast explanation.
  7. If we want better magicians we must be able to help each other and to provide really useful information. How much of the discussions on the discussion boards is just useless as everybody circumvents to talk about the real thing??
  8. We focus much too much on methods and not on the presentation of our art. If you do a great show nobody will question all the time how your are just done it, they will enjoy your show as a whole. Magicians are facinated on methods and the ultimate proof that something is really, really, REALLY impossible, something most audiences don’t care about. But more on overprooving in a future post.

I will not post something here that just exposes a trick. But if it’s about certain aspects of a technique than I have no problem with talking clearly about it.

What I don’t accept is discussing a method of a currently sold item in public as this really hurts th originator and inventor.

Stay tuned


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