Review: !Warning from Kostya

After reading the hyping comments from magic celebrities, I asked Kostya if I could write a review on !Warning. Fortunately he agreed and sent it to me so that I know can make up my own opinion on it and share it with you.

Visiting the product page, it was difficult at first to grasp what !Warning is all about even after watching the teaser. After watching it again I got it:

With !Warning you show a standard lighter which has a safety sticker on its side. Then you start peeling this sticker off the lighter. Show the lighter from both sides that now there is no sticker anymore. You light the peeled off sticker which goes off with a flash and magically the sticker reappears on the lighter.

To give you a better impression I include here a cut out of the explanation video were you can see the performance much better than on the teaser:

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It’s fast, it’s magical, it’s very visual. It’s the right trick for a casual performance with friends or a client in a bar. If it fit’s your style to carry a one way lighter with you, you also have a great trick for walk around magic although the reset takes a moment.

I think I don’t tell too much if I say you use a duplicate flash sticker and a very nice paddle move.

The value of this trick is not so much the used principles but the idea and the provided material that you won’t be able to reproduce. So please respect this and don’t try to make up your own version, but buy it from Kostya. There a good reasons for doing so.

What you get:

When buying !Warning you get a little zipper bag with Flash labels for 50 performances and 5 self sticking lookalikes labels. I have to admit that I never saw printing on flash paper that clear and crisp. It really looks like a real label. But still there is a visible difference between the self sticking label that is glued to the lighter and the flash labels because of the different structure and brightness of the paper, but that’s in the nature of flash paper and cannot be overcome


Depending on the lightning situation and that the spectators only see the flash label for a short time before it is burned this is not a real problem but I would encourage Kostya to produce the self sticking labels on a less bright paper even if they would be not available as self sticking labels. Attached to the Ziploc bag was a small card with security warnings and the pointer to read all security warnings on handling the flash labels. Unfortunately I did not find any. Perhaps this was just an mistake with my review shipment.

You will need to buy a lighter on your own. Optionally you need some magician’s wax.

You also receive an access code for watching the instructional video on Kostya’s homepage.

The instructional video was shot in high quality by Dan & Dave Buck. It’s completely without narrative but the demonstration is really clear and easy to follow so that nobody should have any problems with it.

If you are looking for a trick that immediately gets you the attention of everyone, that plays really good in a casual situation if asked for a trick then !Warning is the right thing for you. Also for street magic and if you manage the  fast reset without the wax it’s a perfect opener for walk around magic.

It’s really fun to do and not difficult, but you should be careful to master the paddle moves before showing it to anybody as this is what makes the trick really convincing or kills it.


$20 for 50 performances

that makes 40 cents per performance which is not cheap but a fair price I think. I would be happy if Kostya offers a less expensive refill for people already bought !Warning.

With the access code you also will be able to watch additional video soon with handling tips and performance ideas from Vito Lupo, Michael Weber and others. It will be intersting to see what’s coming up there.

Also to consider: You have to be 18 to buy this trick because of legal security reasons, at least that is what is stated on Kostyas website. How dealers will handle this I can’t say yet.

Anyway, you should always take great care in handling flash products.

!Warning will be available soon at you local dealers but I would recommend to order it directly from Kostya’s website as the creator benefits more by this way.

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4 comments to Review: !Warning from Kostya

  • Nice post – excellent review with real, useful information in it.

    • escamoteur

      Thanks Aaron for the kind words. I always try to be different to the typicall reviews.

      Soon I will review your “Search & Destroy”


  • Stretch

    You have totally exposed this effect. Not only in your sloppy handling, but also in the text. If you like the effect, if you have any respect for magic at all, remove this post.

    • escamoteur


      sorry, but the “sloppy” video is from the official explanation video and the hands you see are that of Kostya.

      It may be that my text makes it possible for an intelligent reader to guess how it could be done, but for completely understanding he will at least need to know what a paddle move is, this is quite different than exposing a trick.
      When we with our knowledge read such a text we easily get the feeling this is exposure, but it’s not for a layman.

      Please read my Post on Exposing tricks

      Also if someone takes the time to read through my blog, he is obviously really interested in magic and not just looking for exposed tricks.
      If you want to complain about exposing magic, talk to the youtube youngsters that do it every day.

      If you read more than this article on my blog, you will be aware, that I have a high respect for our art.


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